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weberfloor 4655

Cement-based rapid-drying pumpable self-leveling floor for light industrial and commercial applications

Product description

Product description

weber.floor 4655 is cement-based pump-able self-leveling floor for light industrial and commercial applications. It can be mixed by hand or continuous pumping mixer. weber.floor 4655 is designed to be final layer, and also can be used as leveling layer before coating with epoxy, polyurethane, or other coating material in order to suit the demand. Application thickness is between 4 - 15 mm.

Application areas

With its rapid drying property, weber.floor 4655 is then suitable for renovation of floors with time constrain. It can be coated with weber.floor 4720, wax, epoxy, or polyurethane; upon application demand of the floor.

Weber.floor 4655 is ideal for renovation and also for new construction of


  • Industrial areas
  • Cap parks
  • Department stores
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms



Product specification

  • Application temperature          +10 to +25 oC
  • Minimum thickness                 4 mm
  • Maximum thickness                15 mm
  • Recommended thickness         6 - 8 mm
  • Water for mixing ratio Approx  5.25 - 5.27 L per 25 kg bag (21 - 33%)
  • Compressive strength              C 30
  • Flexural strength                     F 7
  • Shrinkage                               < 0.04%
  • Flow rate according to Weber standard 240 - 260 mm, ring: 68/H 35 mm
  • Reaction to fire                        A
  • Aggregate                               1 mm largest grain
  • Pot life                                    15 - 20 minutes


Working instructions

Light ventilation in the working area is necessary but windows and doors openings must be closed sufficiently to avoid draughts during and for 3 days after the application. During application and for at least one week afterwards, substrate and ambient temperature should not fall below +10oC or raise above +25oC. Relative humidity of substrate must be < 5%.

Substrate preparation

  • Leave new screed for at least 28 days for complete chemical curing in order to avoid cracks.
  • Clean the entire surface by using Blastrac machine or other appropriate method.
  • Torch any oil residues; do not clean with wet method. The drier the better.-
  • Check surface strength
    • Compressive strength* > 25 N/mm2, by using Schmitt hammer
    • Bonding strength* > 1.5 N/mm2, by using Pull-off tester
  • Then priming the area with weber.floor 4716

*If detected values are less than recommended, using epoxy primer to improve bonding.


  • Fix any uneven areas, holes, with repair mortar or use weber.floor 4655 mixing with washed sand.
  • In case of the hole is more than 10 cm deep, use washed gravel size 16 - 32 mm fill in the hole and then fill up with weber.floor 4655.
  • Cut cracks into V shape and cut across at every 15 - 20 cm to put in reinforced steel plate. Fill up with epoxy and sprinkle sand size 0.8 - 1.8 mm on top.



Preparation and priming

  • Prime the area with 2 coats of weber.floor 4716 diluted with water 1:3. Waiting 30 - 60 minutes between coats to let the primer dries.

*In case of high absorption, prime an extra coat with 1:5 dilution of weber.floor 4716 : water before normal priming process.


  • When weber.prim 4716 bonding primer has dried colorless, weber.floor 4655 can be poured on top of the area. Maximum waiting time between priming and coating is 48 hours.
  • If there is moisture rising from the substrate, either apply waterproof layer or use epoxy primer to protect the moisture.




Mix manually:


  • Pour 5.25 L of water in mixing container and then gradually add 1 bag (25 kg) of weber.floor 4655.
  • Mixing with slow speed mixer (connected to a proper mixing head) for 2 - 3 minutes until obtaining homogeneous lump-free paste.
  • Stand the mixture for 1 minute for chemical curing and mix thoroughly again before using
  • The container should be big enough for mixing 2 - 3 bags at the same time

Continuous mixer:


  • Adjust the amount of water in according with the mixing ratio. Check the flow by using flow ring and measuring plate, to get spreading dimension of 240 - 260 mm.




  • The finished mixture is then conveyed to the application area through hose.


  • Leveling requirement should be assessed prior to application. Required heights of finished floor should be marked. Existing expansion joints must be incorporated.
  • Divide the area into sections by using self-adhesion blocking strip.
  • weber.floor 4655 is preferable pumped onto primed surface in sections, with maximum 50 - 70 cm wide and 12 - 15 m long.
  • Each new section is placed next to prior section as quickly as possible so that the compound can flow together.
  • Then using spatulas to spread the product through the area with the use of spike rollers in order to avoid bubbles.
  • Avoid draughts and direct sunlight after finishing

Setting time

  • Before foot traffic 1 - 2 hours
  • Before light traffic 24 hours
  • Before common traffic 7 days



  • 1.7 kg/m2/mm

Shelf life and storage

  • Store in dry conditions and closed bag provides 6 month shelf life.
  • Longer storage time may have an adverse impact of the leveling property.


  • 25 kg bag

Safety instruction

Safety instruction

  • Mineral mortars have an alkaline reaction with water.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective googles/ face protection/ gloves.
  • If contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice