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weberset lightweight block

weberset lightweight block
weberset lightweight block

Product Benefits

  • High bonding strength among lightweight blocks
  • Smooth & creamy. Easy application
  • Add chemical agent for easy adjusting and fast installation
  • For both interiors and exteriors
  • Certified standard with World Class Manufacturing (WCM)
    and Green Industry

Lightweight block masonry mortar suitable for all kinds of lightweight block

Product Features

Key Benefits

  • Creamy and smooth, fast and easy to apply
  • High bonding between block to block and durable work
  • Fasten your work
  • High quality lightweight block masonry mortar suitable for all kinds of lightweight block
  • Can be used for both interior and exterior wall
  • Quality guaranteed with World Class Manufacturing(WCM) by Lean France Institut
  • Environmental friendly certified with Green Industry by Ministry of Industry


Category weber.set lightweight block
Density 1.40 gram/cubic centimetre
Maturing time 2-3 minutes
Pot life 4 hours
Service time 1 day
Application temperature 5 celsius and 35 celsius

Guaranteed standard

Manufacturing Standard Certified body
ISO 14001 SGS Thailand
World Class Manufacturing Institut Lean France
Green Industry Ministry of Industry
ISO 9001 SGS Thailand
Test methods Standard Results
Water retaintion
ASTM (C91)
> 70% 97.71 %
Bonding strength
ASTM (C952-02)
n/a > 2.66 ksc
Initial setting time
ASTM (C087-05)
120-1000 min 750 min
Air content of mortar
ASTM (C231)
8-21% 15.5 %

*Note: These test results are from the laboratory test. They could be slightly different from the on-site results because of the differences in applications and conditions.


Send or download the documentation

You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.


Surface Preparation

  • Clean every block of side lightweight blocks by brush with some water before setting.     




  • The mixing ratio (water:mortar) is 1:2.5-3. It is recommended to be mixed not exceeding to 10 kg each time with clean water for easy mix.
  • Put clean water in a bucket. Gradually add weber.set lightweight block as the above ratio in water and mix at the same time by using slow speed (500 rpm) electric mixer. Or mix properly with a trowel until homogeneous lump-free paste is obtained.
  • After proper mix, leave the product for 2-3 minutes before using in order to have the complete chemical reaction.
  • Mix at the same time by using electric mixer before setting.


Setting 1st level of blocks

1.Clean the substrate until free from dust.

2.Lay the first course by applying weber.set lightweight block on the floor.

3.Follow with sand and cement thick bed (2-5 cm).

4.Apply weber.set lightweight block both vertically and horizontally at the block.

5.Lay lightweight block in place and use rubber mallet for the alignment.

6.Chek the alignment with bubble level by 3 methods as shown in the pictures (Type 1)

7.(Type 2)

8.(Type 3) 

9.Follow item 4-8 laying another block by using bubble level for checking alignment both horizontally and vertically.

Setting the next levels of blocks

1.Overlapp the blocks by minimum 10 cm.

2.Cut into the right size.

3.Set the alignment with bubble level. If it is not yet level, use wooden sawback rasp tool to rasp the blocks unit the alignment is obtained.

4.Apply lightweigt block masonry mortar by either method 1 or method 2.

5.Lay each lightweight block and use rubber mallet to adjust until achieving vertical alignment.

Metal strap installation

  • It is recommended to install metal strap with every height of 40 cm or every two level of lightweight blocks.
    • Metal strap or metal strip sized 3X22 cm.
Nail to the block
Nail to structure wall or column
Or use metal rebar installation instead



  • 25 kg bag
  • 40 kg bag

Shelf life and storage

  • One year after manufacturing date when stored unopened in dry and ventilated place (store airtight in dry and ventilated conditions, if remained in opened bag).
  • Store airtight in dry and ventilated conditions with packages of weber.set lightweight block lifted away from the floor.
  • First-in First-out (First Arrival/Expiry date, First Out -FIFO) policy used. 

Consumption at 2-3 mm. thickness

  • 15-18 m2/25 kg bag
  • 25-30 m2/40 kg bag



  • Grey