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How to repair plaster walls to be away from cracked problem

Stop cracks in plaster frames when they are found in our home. Definitely, home lovers like us must be hurried to repair those cracks to make them disappear. Today, Weber would like to recommend you the way to conquer professionally those cracks.

1. In case of width of hairline cracks is not over 0.5 mm,

  • It is recommended to use weber.tape fibermesh 5 to repair and reinforce those cracks. Using weber.tape fibermesh 5 to be placed on the cracks which are in diagonal direction at corner of window or door frame, then apply a coat with

2. If cracks are likely to be larger


*But, if you would like to add more waterproofing property, just using weber.dry seal instead of weber.base skim ultra bond from Weber. Just do that, our happy home will no longer experience cracked problem.*

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