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Solutions to solve water leaks from rooftops

Many people use rooftop as open space to do activities such as setting up party, cloth drying area. However, rooftop is one of the areas where a leakage problem occurs frequently. Today, Weber would like to give you some clarifications of leakage problems in order to be solved correctly.

  1. When casting concrete floors, this step creates porosity in concrete that is a cause of leaks.
  2. Rooftop is affected by sun and rainfall exposures. The main factors that make concrete cracks later are temperature changes. These changes make concrete expansion occurs when the temperature is high during afternoon time and a concrete contraction in the night time.
  3. Rooftop floor is in a basin shape or not level that make waterlogged area occur.
  4. Drain pipe is in too high drilled hole position, or a slope made is not good enough to drain all water.
  5. There is no appropriate waterproofing system designed for rooftop.

All 5 mentioned causes are main factors of rooftop leak problem. The solution for this issue is not too difficult as you think guys! Weber will present it to you later.

6 Step solve water leaks from rooftops



  1. Inspect leaking area, waterlogged area and fix cracks found. If rooftop floor is in a basin shape, prepare floor leveling, and make floor slopes toward drain pipe which should be in a larger size and enough amount for water drainage according to rooftop space.
  2. Clean rooftop substrate until no moss, concrete scraps and sand.
  3. Provide waterproofing system on rooftop floor with application of is weber.dry seal, an acrylic based product.
  4. In order to provide waterproofing system, it'd better to enhance strength and adhesion to waterproofing materials and floor with reinforced fiberglass mesh, weber.tape fibermesh 100 to embed with waterproof products by installation after first waterproof layer.
  5. Use a roller to get air bubbles out of fiberglass mesh and to make it to be embedded into the floor.
  6. After letting it dry, apply waterproof layer again until mesh is not seen.

How about these 6 steps of providing waterproofing system on rooftop? It is not difficult, right? Weber would like to suggest you to start repair from now as you will feel more relived when raining season is coming.

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