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Saint-Gobain Weber Thailand attended the official ceremony to certify the use of green labels for anti-fungus tile grouts.

21 06 2017

weber.color slim and weber.color power are the 1st green label certificate for fungus tile grout product category in Thailand certified by Thailand Environment Institute (TEI).

The 1st green label certificate for fungus tile grout in Thailand

The green certification reflects the company strong commitment to manufacturing standard, consumers’ safety and environmental protection. Weber brand under Gecko Trademark aims to raise public awareness of its green-label products and their significance in support of the goal to raise green-product percentage in its total sales to 20 before year-end.

 Natthapong Singhsilarak, Technical and Product Director, Saint-Gobain Weber Co.,Ltd. says the Green Label initiative is a collaboration of the Thailand Environment Institute, the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD), and the Industry Ministry’s Thai Industrial Standards Institute. Under this project, green labels are awarded to quality products that have less environmental impacts than others in the same product category. The certification helps inform consumers of environmentally-friendly choices.

 As the world’s leader in tile adhesives, grouts, waterproofing products and mortar, Saint-Gobain Weber Company Limited (Weber of Gecko Trademark) is proud that its weber.color slim (for joint width between 0.2-3mm) and weber.color power (for joint width between 1-6mm) have won the green label from the initiative.

 With the conviction that one can start making a better environment, the firm is true to its “We Care” slogan. Saint-Gobain Weber always cares about its consumers and the environment. Consumers’ safety and benefits are the top priority throughout its operation.

 The certified green products from Weber of Gecko Trademark, also the first tile grout products to have won such certification in Thailand, are perfect for use in all areas particularly the often-damp bathrooms and kitchens. These two grout products are also very safe to consumers because they have passed the low volatile organic compounds (low VOCs) test. weber.color slim is recommended for grouting between large tiles, Granito tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, which usually have the width of just between 0.2 and 3mm. weber.color power, meanwhile, is for the joint width of between 1 and 6 mm.

 Both are anti-fungus and resistant to crack/scratch. Moreover, they enhance adhesive force and boast solid resistance to corrosion by general chemical solutions. On top of this, they work fine for both interior and exterior works.

 As green labels guarantee the quality and standards of the certified products, consumers can have full confidence that tile grouts under the Gecko Trademark are great. These products have in fact also produced by manufacturer passed over several internationally-recognized standards such as Quality Management System (ISO 9001), the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS)-18001.

 Furthermore, Weber tile grout under Gecko trademark have controlled the use of hazardous materials such as heavy metals and low VOCs for consumer safety. Their package are also environmentally friendly, with careful choices of ink and plastic. Saint-Gobain Weber now plans to raise its target groups’ awareness of green products. Its marketing communication campaign will focus on what the green label has represented so as to help consumers make informed purchase decisions and get the right products for their needs.

 To be conducted via both offline and online media, the campaign will highlight the fact that Weber of Gecko Trademark is Thailand’s first tile-grout manufacturer to have received the green label. With continued efforts to develop green innovations, the firm expects its green products to account for 20 per cent of its sales this year.